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"No one, Vicki, had a better time than I.  It was a warm, smart, open room of hearts and minds — and a total joy for me. Thank you once again.” Norman Lear, Even This I Get To Experience

Renowned Celebrity-Driven Literary Salon
“The BEST writer’s salon in North America and maybe the world.”
Hubert O’Hearn, Herald de Paris, San Francisco Book Review

Readings, Musical Performances and Discussion 
where the line between audience and performer blurs in a 
perfect storm of shared human experience
Tuesday, Sept 29th/LA*
Potluck Brunch 
A. J. Benza
The Gossip Show, Mysteries and Scandals, A.J. After Hours 

Paul Hipp
Buddy, Bad Lieutenant, Face/Off, Midnight in The Garden of Good & Evil 

Margaret Bendet

Vicki Abelson

*Artists subject to availability
For Tickets & information:

Women Who Write Writer’s Workshops 
 Tues Sept 15th at 11 am
Private Coaching & Consulting
Performances from the peoples below on YouTube at

Readers/Songwriters have included: Norman Lear, Michael Imperioli, Shirley Jones, Carl Reiner, Garry Marshall, Ed Asner, Cindy Williams, Marilu Henner, Marianne Williamson, Richard Benjamin, Valerie Harper, Paul Williams, Linda Lavin, Holland Taylor, Meredith Baxter, Michael Nesmith, Micky Dolenz, Kevin Pollak, Jackie Collins, Rex Smith, Jane Smiley, Fred Willard, Marlee Matlin, Robert Morse, Corey Feldman, Sally Kirkland, Michael O'Keefe, Steven Weber, Robert Klein, Harry Hamlin, Ed Begley, Jr., Anson WIlliams, Tom Bergeron, Robert Wuhl, Stephen Collins, Larry Miller, Joey Pantoliano, Dee Wallace, Mike Farrell, Sheila E., MacKenzie Phillips, Rob Morrow, Sam Harris, Stephen Tobolowsky, Craig Bierko, Jeff Garlin, Anne DeSalvo, Howard Kaylan of The Turtles, Gary Dourdan, Pf Sloan, Larry Dunn of Earth Wind & Fire, Bob Cowsill, Louise Goffin, James Morrison, Jim Beaver, Ken Osmond, Thaao Penghlis, Julie Warner, John Cowsill, Vicki Peterson, Jack McGee, Amy Ephron, Phil Rosenthal, Michael Des Barres, Alan Zweibel, Lisa Rinna, Bird York, Laraine Newman, Beth Grant, Susie Essman, Bruce Vilanch, Cathy Ladman, Gary Dell’Abate, Quinn Cummings, Paul Provenza, Elayne Boosler, Keaton Simons, Henry Jaglom, Tracey Jackson, Sandy Helberg, David Brighton, Diane Salinger, Carol Leifer, Lisa Ann Walter, Marc Maron, Evan Handler, Taylor Negron, DLee, Tanna Frederick, Roger Kabler, Mitch Weissman, Eve Gordon, Nell Scovell, Alvino Bennett, Jonathan McEuen, Kathryn Leigh Scott, Da Chen, Lizz Winstead, Leslie Jordan, Fred Stoller, Gigi Levangie Grazer, Gary Kroeger, Cindy Chupack, Larry Hankin, John Fugelsang, Peter Mehlman, Ken Levine, Christian Nesmith & Circe Link, Lynne Stewart, Eddie Pepitone, Craig Anton,Todd Waring, Angelica Page Torn, Lawrence Block, Gregory Boyle, Annabelle Gurwitch, Bart Baggett, Christina Haag, Ted Leplat, Carrie White, Goo Goo Doll Korel Tunador, Severin Brown, April Winchell, Daisy Eagan, The Tearaways, Gary Stockdale, Barra Grant, Steve Bluestein, Jillian Lauren, Phyllis Katz, Annie Korzen, Wendy Hammers, Sonya Sones, Ron Zimmerman, Mo Gaffney, Allee Willis, Kathleen Wilhoite, Wendy Liebman, Lori Lieberman, Michael C Ford, Gregory Cope White, Judy Gold, Paul Levine, Gregor Collins, Claire LaZebnik, Rachel Resnick, Vanessa Hidary, Kevin Fisher, Suzanne Whang, Harriet Schock, Amy Engelhardt, Josie Brown, Maria Semple, Eve Pell, Dwayne Epstein, Eve Brandstein, Nancy Mehagian, Kelly Carlin, Jennifer Rawlings,Tami Sagher, James Grissom, Robin Hild, John Zipperer, Louise Palanker, Amy Friedman, Alexis Wilson, Andrea Buchanan, Dinah Lenney, Lisa Rae Page Rosenberg, Lora Somoza, Diana Wagman, Pamela DesBarres, J Marshall Craig, Colin Broderick, Erika Schickel, Tracy Newman, Steve Postell, Robbyn Kirmsse, Elijah Allan-Blitz, Stirling Gardner, Harvey Helms, Nancy Daley, Maurita Corcoran, Martha Frankel, Jamie Rose, Muffy Bolding, Dylan Brody, Eric Schwartz, Chris Bonno, Dina Kucera, Dennis Danziger, Karyn Reece, Anna Montgomery, Tommy Byrnes, Tony Bruno, Hughie Carroll, Tommy Holmes, Mark Newman, Nick Guzman, Tiff Randol, Deena Miller & The Silk Pajamas, Dr. Judi Hollis, Jennie Nash, Anna Lefler, The Sweet Potatoes, Shelby, Tieg & Tahkus, Brian Travis, Deb Davis, Annie Boxell, Malina Saval, Andrea Ross-Greene, Candy Somoza, Samantha Rae Abelson, Tracy Holtzer, Michele Vreeland, Betsy Hammer...
© 2015 Vicki Abelson
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