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Promoter, booker, and publicist in NYC, back in the daze, for The Rock n’ Roll Café, Spo-dee-o-dees, RockGirl at Bedrocks, Woody’s, The Marquee, True Blue, Café Wha, & The China Club; shot the NAMM Jam, ’08;  Consultant for YouBloom Musician Network

Phoebe Snow, Frank Carillo at R n’R
B.A.C./Bruno, Appel, Carroll, & Byrn
Elliot Easton & Eddie Ojeda
Joey Molland/Badfinger
Badfinger/Rock n’ Roll Cafe ‘89
Steve Principe, Kevin Jenkins
Mason Reese at the Rock n’ Roll Cafe
Taylor Dayne, Tommy Bobbyoriginal 56
Rick Derringer
Rick Derringer & Charlie Torres
Taylor Dayne & Tommy Byrnes
Carole King & Paul Hipp
Carole King and Mom
Boy Gary
Tommy Byrnes, Lou Appel, Kenny Aaron
Graham Parker
Richard Berry-Louie Louie
Pheobe Snow/Benny & the Spyders
Phobe Snow & The Conte’s
Vicki as Steve Halloween at R n’R
Mark /Doug Mazarin Nile Rogers & Lou
Elliot Easton & Ricky Byrd
Tony Bridges
Nile Rogers & Larry Aberman
Ace Frehley, Anton Fig & Bobby Sabin
Ace Frehley
Eddie Ojeda
Carlos Alomar
Stanley Jordon
Kyf & Steve/Company of Wolves
Greg Allman/RockGirl opening night
Ace Frehley/RG opening night
Ace at RG
Rob Camilletti
Mick Rock & Bob Ellis at Woody’s
Bob Gruen at Woody’s
Interviewing LIttle Steven at Woodys
Company of Wolves at RG
Joe Lynn Turner at The Marquee
Joe Lynn Turner Jams at The Marquee
RG Wha Jam
Benny Harrison, Kevin Jenkins, Phoeb
Matt Soren, Connor Tribble, Bobby Na
Conte's Gennero, Phoebe Snow
Matt Soren, Connor Tribble
Mungo Jerry NAMM rehearsal 08
Micky/NAMM rehearsal 08
Alan White/Yes NAMM rehearsal 08
Alan White NAMM rehearsal 08
Micky, Micky you’re so fine!  Micky,
Micky & Jimy  NAMM rehearsal 08
Janelle, Liberty, Seymour
Jeff Pevar NAMM rehearsal 08
Pevar and Duncun  NAMM rehearsal 08
Ray Montez/Chris Slade (AC DC)  Ray
Liberty DeVito NAMM rehearsal 08  L
Mungo Jerry NAMM rehearsal 08
JEFF PEVAR NAMM rehearsal 08
MICKY & ME NAMM rehearsal 08-wha
RAY MONTEZ/Let’s Dance
Bobby Kimball/Toto too!
Jimy Sohns/Gloria
Jimy! NAMM JAM  08
Jimy Sohns/Gloria  NAMM JAM 08
Jeff Cook/Alabama  NAMM JAM 08
Reek Havoc & Carmine Appice
Liberty DiVito & Reek Havoc
Mungo Jerry/In the summer time
Carmine Appice & Alan White
Carmine Appice  Green Room
Alan White in the green room
Liberty DeVito & Reek Havoc  Lib
Seymour Duncon & Jeff Pevar
Seymour Duncan & Carmine
Carmine Appice  in the green room
Liberty DiVito & Mungo Jerry
Alan White/YES!  NAMM ‘08
Louie Appel /John Eddie 5/09
Kenny Aaronson & Louie Appel 5/09
Kenny Aaronson & Louie Appel 5/09
John Eddie at The Mint 6/09
Louie Appel at The Mint 6/09  Louie
Louie Appel at The Mint 6/09  Louie
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